No matter how big or small, easy or complex, Tonden & Associates will walk you through your tax preparation options. We love complicated cases, and enjoy taking the stress and worry out of the tax preparation process for our clients. In fact, we specialize in clients who have not filed in a few years, are struggling with the IRS, or are confused about their tax status. We can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS, and add some handholding and humor along the way.

  • Personal

    Our review of your taxes and income can make sure that you are not overpaying, or overlooking important deductions.

  • Business

    There are different rules and regulations depending upon what type of business you are operating, we can handle your income taxes, self-employment taxes, employment taxes and excise taxes.

  • Corporation and Non-Profit Tax Prep

    Each year, Tonden & Associates is the trusted source for corporations and non-profits needing to file with the IRS such as S-Corporation tax returns, C-Corporation tax returns, Partnership tax returns, and LLC (Limited Liability Company) tax returns.

  • Bookkeeping

    Tonden & Associates provides turnkey service for your business bookkeeping needs, including balancing all purchases, income, and payments.

  • IRS Issues (Wage Garnishments)

    No matter how difficult your situation might be, Tonden & Associates are experts in dealing with the complexities of the IRS/ FTB.  Let us use our knowledge and experience to negotiate your tax liabilities on your behalf.

  • Review of Past Tax Years Filed

    One of our services is a review of your previous tax filings, in many cases you have between 3-7 years to amend any issues with your taxes.

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